picks of the month #1

picks of the month (#1)

You want to stay in your editor even while committing, merging or diff‘n your git-based project ? Then you really should have a look at this awesome looking plugin for Sublime Text.

  • sublimerge – A diff and merge tool for Sublime Text 2/3

You’re interessed in the performance (and other metrics) of your front-end ? Check out the phantomas node module. It is evolving heavily and the number of contributors in growing steadily. It provides you with a nice graphical overview including longest request, biggest requested data and a lot of other metrics. Go ahead and give it a try.

  • phantomas – Measure Front-End-Performance with NodeJS

Want to preview .json or README files with the QuickLook in Finder in OSX ? Give [QLStephen] a try.. A quick download’n extract to ~/Library/Quicklook folder and you’re done!

Pretty cool, aye ?

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