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CasperJS – fail test with custom testcase-name in xml report

It took some time, but my PR to CasperJS has landed. Now you can fail a test with a custom value for a testcase node’s name property like:‘A custom message’, {name: ‘custom name’}); tl;dr When using the –xunit=/path/to/report.xml casperjs … Continue reading

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‘grunt-complexity-updater’ for nodejs

grunt-complexity-updater is a a little grunt-task that want to help you in multiple ways during development. It utilizes grunt-complexity to: break your build if maintainability drops below a given threshold and will auto-update the overall-maintainability with lowest detected maintainability in … Continue reading

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picks of the month #1

picks of the month (#1) You want to stay in your editor even while committing, merging or diff‘n your git-based project ? Then you really should have a look at this awesome looking plugin for Sublime Text. sublimerge – A … Continue reading

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