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CasperJS – fail test with custom testcase-name in xml report

It took some time, but my PR to CasperJS has landed. Now you can fail a test with a custom value for a testcase node’s name property like:‘A custom message’, {name: ‘custom name’}); tl;dr When using the –xunit=/path/to/report.xml casperjs … Continue reading

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‘grunt-complexity-updater’ for nodejs

grunt-complexity-updater is a a little grunt-task that want to help you in multiple ways during development. It utilizes grunt-complexity to: break your build if maintainability drops below a given threshold and will auto-update the overall-maintainability with lowest detected maintainability in … Continue reading

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Word wise navigation in iTerm2

Navigating in the terminal can be quite cumbersome but there are “Escape Sequences” to the rescue. Open the preference pane of “iTerm2″ (or just hit CMD + ,) and go to the “Profiles” menu. There you should find a tab … Continue reading

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picks of the month #1

picks of the month (#1) You want to stay in your editor even while committing, merging or diff‘n your git-based project ? Then you really should have a look at this awesome looking plugin for Sublime Text. sublimerge – A … Continue reading

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picks of the week (#47)

Not much this week .. picks of the week (#47) – A little nice tutorial how to get word-by-word cursor movement in iTerm2

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