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Word wise navigation in iTerm2

Navigating in the terminal can be quite cumbersome but there are “Escape Sequences” to the rescue. Open the preference pane of “iTerm2″ (or just hit CMD + ,) and go to the “Profiles” menu. There you should find a tab … Continue reading

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picks of the week (#44)

So much to do and so less time.. picks of the week (#44) BashRC.Generator – A website to generate a .bashrc/.bashprofile for you

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Keep your ~/.bash_history entries unique

A little Ruby script which keeps the entries in your ~/.bash_history file unique.

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A New Desktop Design

during the rainy weekend i spent some time to fiddle around a bit with “GeekTool”. after looking for an appropriate wallpaper i put my script collection into work. this is the result for now.

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