Mustek 600/1200 CU on OSX 10.5

Due the lack of a provided driver it took me some hours to get my “good old” Flatbed-Scanner Mustek 600 CU up and running on OSX 10.5 so i want to share this. May it save someone some time..

Basically all the magic is done "SANE-API" and you’ll need the following installer-packages:

  • libusb
  • SANE backends
  • TWAIN SANE Interface
  • SANE Preference Pane

which can be found here.. Download and install them in the same order. Now plug-in your scanner, launch your image-tool and fire up a scan via: File > Import > Sane.
Voila !

Keywords: Mustek, Flatbed-Scanner, OSX 10.5

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3 Responses to Mustek 600/1200 CU on OSX 10.5

  1. Yeray says:

    Works like a charm! Never thought I’d be able to make that one work ever again.

    Thanks!! :)

  2. Raquelzissima says:

    I am speechless as to how grateful I am for this.
    This information saved me a life-time of guess work and also saved the handed-down old Mustek from going to the bin! I couldn’t believe I actually was able to install it in both my laptop (running Tiger) and my iMac (running Leopard). Thank you very much! You are a star! Raquelx

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