Tweaking Flash (CS5) – Duplicate Symbol Dialog

If you feel like me and don’t like the new naming convention when duplicating a symbol in the library of “Adobe Flash CS5″ maybe here’s a solution.

#####The situation …#####
By default the name for a new duplicated symbol is something like this:

* `Kopie von NAME_OF_SYMBOL` .. (german)

* `Copy of NAME_OF_SYMBOL` .. (english)

How ugly is that ? Instead of just hitting the backspace to remove the “copy-part” you have to use the mouse and/or several key strokes to get rid of it. I want it more like this:



So here is how to do it ..

#####The solution …#####
Close your Flash if it’s running and go for a hunt for a file named
and open it in your favourite editor. It’s a alway a good idea to make a backup before making any changes. ;)
Assuming you’ve got installed [Textmate]( “Textmate”) and you’re on:

+ OSX, in a terminal it is:
`find /Applications -iname “fl_dictionary.dat” -print0 | xargs -0 mate`

+ M$, in the shell it is:
`.. uhm, could you provide something .. ?` (leave a comment and i’ll add it …)

Now search for “`Kopie von %s`” or “`Copy of %s`” (without the quotes)
and change it to what ever you want to see when duplicating a symbol. The `%s` is the placeholder for the symbol you’re going to duplicate later. I changed my to “`%s copy`” which gives me the above mentioned format of `NAME_OF_SYMBOL copy`.
Save the file restart Flash and (hopefully) you’ll see your made changes.

That’s it …
Feel free to spread and or leave a comment below..


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