Project Sprouts and Continous Integration

This is more a reminder to myself rather than a complete post because it took me a while to figure it out.

Updated the gems of AsUnit4 as well as the sprout-flashsdk from their repository.

# rakefile.rb

# CI

# Compile the ci swf
mxmlc "bin/#{project}_ci.swf" => :asunit4 do |t|
  t.input           = "src/"
  t.source_path     << 'test'
  t.source_path     << 'src'
  t.debug           = true

flashplayer :cruise => "bin/#{project}_ci.swf"


package {

    import flash.display.MovieClip;
    import asunit.core.AsUnitCore;
    import asunit.printers.XMLPrinter;

    public class XMLRunner extends MovieClip {

        public var core: AsUnitCore;

        public var printer: XMLPrinter;

        public function XMLRunner() {

            printer = new XMLPrinter();

            core = new AsUnitCore();
            core.start(AllTests, null, this);
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Murphy’s Law

This time it happened .. My wordpress installation broke after a (spontaneous) update (the widgets are completely missing) so i had to switch over to one of the standard templates. I don’t know why i did not followed my own habits this time and made a backup. So in case you’re a returning visitor and wondering about the changed layout you know the reason now.

I’ll try my best to get the old look back up running. And install some automated backup plugins afterwards. (i guess)

Until then..

Update: 2011/11/21 I’ve might found a reason for the breakdown and (hopefully) a solution. As described in WordPress Support Forum you might have your

zend.ze1_compatibility_mode = On

in your


file. Changing that to


should be bring the ”’Widgets”’ back.

Because my provider has “not the fastest” support response time and i’m planning to move my domains anyway i don’t know if it’s worth the effort. I’ll give it a try and we’ll see. No later after i moved i’ll do it by myself.

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RCov::VerifyTask “threshold” auto-update monitor

When developing TDD or BDD in Ruby (1.9.2) using the RCov::VerifyTask you need to fullfill a certain threshold to make a build successful.

It can be quite annoying to update the (hopefully) increased threshold of the RCov::VerifyTask in your Rakefile after each successful build. So I did some experiments and the following script is the result.

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Tweaking Flash (CS5) – Duplicate Symbol Dialog

If you feel like me and don’t like the new naming convention when duplicating a symbol in the library of “Adobe Flash CS5″ maybe here’s a solution.

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Some Ruby Idioms

A post as a note to myself to remember some Ruby Idioms ..

# $ruby 1.9.2
# Add a value to an array unless its not 
# contained already and even it's contained 
# multiple times reduce it to a single occurence.

foo  = ['bar', 'baz', 'baz']    # =>  ["bar", "baz", "baz"]
foo |= ['baz']                  # =>  ["bar", "baz"]

# Parallel assignment by "un-splatting" an result array
# Instead of:
match = "Ruby 1.9.2 is awesome".match(/Ruby (d.+) is awesome/)
catch = match[1]

# Use:
catch, match = *"Ruby 1.9.2 is awesome".match(/Ruby (d.+) is awesome/)

# catch => "Ruby 1.9.2 is awesome"
# match => "1.9.2" 

more to come..

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